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Equal Opportunites in Sweden

Sweden has the reputation of actively working for gender equality. In many ways Sweden does live to this reputation: The workforce consists of an equal share of women and men. There are good possibilities for combining working life with family life: There are many opportunities to work only part-time, especially in the public sector - and the existence of low charged publicly financed day care centers gives even more possibilities. With this in mind one may think that Women in Sweden would have reached the highest positions in worklife and that many of chief executive officers are women. That is not the case. Sweden displays even worse results than other countries - at least in the competitive private sector. The percentage of female managers in Sweden is around 25 percent In the US the average is 40 precent. In the larger companies the percentage is higher, but it has fallen from 32 percent in 2002, to 28 percent in May this year. Why is that?

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The Good Girl Syndrome

The reason Swedish Women are getting burned out

Bokomslag, Duktighetssyndromet

The good girl syndrome combined with not knowing the rules of the game are two of the main reasons that many Swedish career women are getting burned out. Thousands of young women are getting sick of  stress, resulting in enormously high costs for the state. It is not  unusual that the sick leave periods last for over one year. Research  made by

Women's Business Research Institute shows that the main  reasons for getting burned out is working too many hours a week.  Instead of advancing themselves, networking with men or just learning  how to play the game in the competitive work life, the Good Girls are 
spending a lot of their time producing perfect documents, pushing  papers, being nice and trying to do absolutely everything. Read more>


Inadequate training on correct duties!

Mentor programmes and female networks aren't enough. In order to succeed with the objective more female managers, a systematic and methodical work is required. Current research shows that one of the reasons why women don't reach the absolute top positions is because they don't get sufficient work duties that qualifies them for the highest positions.


More Women are needed in the top

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Systematise the work with getting more women in the top!


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